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When cared for properly, gas permeable contact lenses can provide a healthy, comfortable and convenient vision correction option. Whether you are new to contact lenses or have been wearing them for years, the following tips will help you to enjoy the benefits of contact lenses.

Taking Care of Your Eyes
For your own safety, Contex, Inc. believes that you must seek the care of a licensed eye care professional before you use contact lenses. In most countries, contact lenses can only be fit by eye care professionals. Only your eye care professional is educated, trained and licensed to examine, and properly fit lenses to your eyes. By seeing your eye care professional, you can be sure that you will receive the best contact lenses for your eyes, as well as instructions on how to properly care for them.

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Follow-up Care
Proper follow-up care by your eye care professional is essential to ensure eye health. Your eyes and lenses can change, often without symptoms or warning signs which may put you at risk for developing potentially serious complications, including vision loss. Regular ongoing professional care can help to ensure a lifetime of good vision and eye health. Please consult your eye care professional for a recommended follow-up schedule, which should be every 6-12 months.

Following a Wearing Schedule
Different lenses are made for different wearing schedules. Most Contex lenses are meant to be taken out daily.

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