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You may not know the advantages that GP's have over soft contacts. Review the comparison chart to see how GP's rate.

Initial comfort is the only area where soft lenses rate better than GP contacts. Once you are used to them, GP lenses are comfortable, healthier, durable, easy to care for, cost less and provide better vision.


Gas permeable Contact Lenses

Soft Contact lenses

Oxygen transmission

GP contacts are made of special plastics that allow lenses to breathe. Oxygen is absolutely necessary to the health of your eyes.

Many soft contact lenses don't allow enough oxygen to get to your eyes. This can lead to corneal problems.


GP contacts have superior optics. Since they're firm, they hold their shape better when you blink, so your eyes don't have to refocus as much. And they are superb for astigmatism or bifocal needs

When you blink, soft lenses may flex causing a momentary change in vision. Most soft lens wearers would probably agree that they see better with glasses than with their soft lenses.

Long-Term Comfort

GP contact lenses require a short adaptation period. However, they require no water to maintain their shape, so they won't draw any moisture from your eyes.

Soft lenses can be comfortable from the moment you put them on. However, after a few hours of wear soft lenses can dry out your eyes, causing them to get itchy and tired.


GP contacts are made of a firm breathable plastic, so they don't scratch or tear easily.

Made of a gel-like plastic, soft lenses can tear easily. Protein deposits can also buildup and cloud vision over time.


GP contacts are much less expensive to care for and they last longer so you don't have to spend as much on replacement lenses.

Soft lenses require significant care costs and do not last as long as GP's, so it seems like you are always buying new lenses.

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