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OK E-System Certification Frequently Asked Questions
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The world’s #1 overnight orthokeratology lens is now overnight FDA approved. The OK® E-System is the premier Bausch & Lomb Vision Shaping Treatment™ (VST) lens design. FDA approved, safe and reversible, The OK® E-System lens corrects vision overnight by gently re-shaping the front surface of the cornea. The result is clear, sharp vision, all day without any glasses or contact lenses. To maintain strict quality standards, Contex manufactures each and every lens worldwide.

OK® E-System Design
The OK® E-System's versatile, advanced design offers empirical quick and easy fitting for the novice as well as diagnostic and inventory fitting for the expert. Diagnostic and Inventory fitting can increase your first-fit success rate and reduce costly chair time.

Getting Certified
Eye care practitioners must obtain certification to ensure knowledge of the overnight orthokeratology process. Certification is necessary for both the Contex OK® E-System and Bausch & Lomb Vision Shaping Treatment™. If you have already been VST certified you can bypass the VST portion by entering your certification number.

Our educational narrated presentation will prepare you for the multiple choice test questions along the way and will take only about an hour to complete. Once certified, doctors can order the overnight approved OK® E-System lens.

Get started fitting now, so you’re ready for the next Ortho-K boom!

Click on the OK® Lens logo to start the certification process.

Patient Selection
An ideal candidate is anyone with healthy eyes desiring freedom from contacts or glasses during their waking hours.

Good Candidates
• Moderate myopia (up to -5 D) and/or astigmatism (up to 1.5 D @ axis 180 and .75 @ axis 90)
• Normal and healthy eyes
• Good hygiene
• Desire for great vision without glasses and conventional contact lensesnot
• Suitable or interested in LASIK
• Almost any age, compliant and motivated
• Has a good understanding of expectations

Poor Candidates
• More cylinder than refractive error
• Poor sleep habits - procedure requires a minimum of 6 consecutive hours to be consistently effective
• Poor hygiene – lenses must be cleaned regularly to avoid corneal complications and changes to the lens surface will effect performance.
• Myopia in excess of approved range may result in only partial correction
• High corneal cylinder may result in residual cylinder and poor centration
• Clinically dry eye patients may have poor results and corneal complication


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