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OK E-System Certification Frequently Asked Questions

The Contex OK® Lens and Bausch & Lomb Vision Shaping Treatment™

The world’s #1 overnight orthokeratology lens is now overnight FDA approved. The OK® E-System is the premier Bausch & Lomb Vision Shaping Treatment™ (VST) lens design. FDA approved, safe and reversible, More…


See Near, Far, and In-Between
• +1.75 ADD Power
• Up to +2.25 ADD with Front Aspheric
• Crisp, Sharp Distance Vision
• Excellent for Previous Gas Perm Wearers

Patient Selection: Select patients with a +2.50 or less ADD power. Take
central K readings, refraction, and topography if available. Determine which is
the non-dominant eye. To increase the ADD power, over-plus the dominant eye
by +.25 and the non-dominant eye by +.50 on early presbyopes, and up to
+1.00 or more for advanced presbyopes.

If More ADD Power Is Needed: Assuming you have achieved a good fit that
translates well and you have pushed the plus as much as possible in both eyes,
then you may need to add a front reverse aspheric curve to boost the ADD
power. Order an e-.5 front surface to boost the “ADD” power by about +.50.

If Indicated Lens is Too Tight:
Flatten the Base Curve by ½ diopter
If Indicated Lens is Too Loose: Steepen the Base Curve by ½ diopter

CK’s: R: 43.00/44.00 (Dom)
         L: 44.00/46.00 (Non-Dom)
Spectacle-Rx: -3.00
Spectacle-Rx: -3.00
Eccentricity Value = .52
Eccentricity Value = .48

R: Suggested Base Curve: 7.38
L: Suggested Base Curve: 7.22
Dominant Distance Power: -5.50
Non-Dom Distance Power: -5.25

For further fitting details download the MF-19™ Quick Fit Guide or contact one of our knowledgeable consultants. Download PDF

For additional information download the Contex MF-19™ Presentation. Download PDF

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